Try out our new Company card!

  • Anyone in your organization can use Company card. It is very convenient way to make game reservations for you or your employees. Make us a call and say your name! You done! 
  • You may also make fixed reservations. For example once a week someone from your company is playing Bowling. 
  • Payment is very convenient: You use our Company card  as debit card from a bank.
  • To use above feature You have to make a deposit of  5000, 10000 or 15000kr.
  • There are always different discounts and benefits for Company card owners. They may vary, but you always informed about them via inbox.
  • Whether you want to celebrate a company milestone or improve teamwork and morale, Z-Bowling is the place for unique corporate events. 
  • Join Company league and compete with others from you company!

Add some Z-bowling energy to your next company meeting! Order your Company Card now! Call Us +(372) 681 0881 and +(372) 53072732